Your Farm Experience

HillFields Farm is now so much more than a farm that grows vegetables.

It’s a place where like-minded food-lovers are connecting to learn from each other and support each other in their quest to love food.

It’s a network that’s coaching its tribe to confidence in the kitchen.

It’s an experience that’s empowering families to learn how to cook and eat better.

We’re changing the way people eat.

I hope you’ll invite us to your table and let us influence your world.

~ Farmer Dan


 What you get as a member of our farm....

  • Home grown Produce without getting your hands dirty.
  • Relish in a new food economy that has a heart, face and soul as you directly support your farmer.
  • Join a family of like minded people untied by good clean food.
  • Experience flavours and freshness you just can’t get anywhere else!
  • Members receive a share in whats harvested each week, you share in the farms bounty…
  • This normally equates to 4 serves of 10 varieties.
  • When the seasons are good abundance ensures.
  • Enjoy a short drive through the country only 10 mins from Ipswich
  • Collection is direct from our farm every Sunday between 10-1pm
  • Join our members only Facebook group and share in recipe ideas and preservation techniques.
  • FREE entry to all Farm Events and discounts to On Farm Workshops
  • Access to a range of amazing products from other local small producers.
  • Become a Member   Limited spots available.