Pastured Free Range Eggs


A small scale sustainable and genuine free range standard.

At HillFields Farm we run only 100 hens over 5 acres giving us a stocking density of only 50 Hens per hectare !!!

Hens are housed at night ONLY in specially built mobile coops allowing them safety from predators whilst they sleep.

Each morning as the sun is rising they flourish in the fresh pasture where they can feast on a variety of grasses, legumes, bugs and grubs.

In the heat of they day you will find our hens camped under a shadey tree or taking a dust bath in the cool soils amongs the surrounding bushland.

Rollaway nest boxes are provided in their “mobile coop” and they freely come and go as they see fit.

Protected by their guardian “Carly” a Marrema who lives with them full time and “Susie” the Sheep who also believes she is Marrema our hens have the best of both worlds. FREEDOM and SAFETY

The mobile coops allow us to rotate the pastures so our hens never over graze or over fertilise the earth.

This prevents a build up of manure ensuring our ladies are not living or eating amongst their poo.

Limiting the risks of internal and external parasite burdens and eliminating routine antibiotic treatments as seen in industrial methods.

Our eggs are collected 3-4 times a day by us and by hand (not by machine)…. It’s an intimate affair.

Eggs are then brought into our processing room where we dry clean, candle and grade by hand.

This means your eggs are never washed or cleaned in bleach or chlorine. The natural bloom laid by the hen herself is left intact and protects against any contaminants.

They are then packaged into cartons and placed in our coolroom with their next stop only being your fridge 🙂

Fresh, Sustainable, Natural, Ethical, Beyond Free Range, Non Industrial EGGS… From VERY HAPPY HENS  xxx


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