How much does your produce cost?

Its hard to compete with the big 2…
With their mega marketing budgets and dodgy tricks alluding to cheaper prices how does an honest small family farm get their product recognised as an affordable option?
Do you even know how much you spend each week on fresh produce?
Like honestly… do you?
Do you weigh out each variety and add together the price per Kg?
Do you read you receipt and add up what you actually spent on fresh produce?
Are you like many that buy fresh produce daily through out the week because it just doesn’t last longer than a couple of days? 
Do you then add up each off those shops to see what you spent in a week?
For the vast majority we just don’t have the time but that does lend us to being conned by the supermarket chains.
A ticket that shows whole “SEEDLESS WATERMELON” ONLY $1 PER KG seems cheap!!
But did you miss the word WHOLE? 
It was in small writing but it was there and is important in the final cost to said watermelon.
Either (1) you choose the cut watermelon because you don’t need the whole thing and this is actually a different price.
or (2) do you really know just how heavy a whole watermelon is? 1Kg? 2Kg? 5Kg? 10Kg?  have you actually just paid $7 for watermelon despite the price tag alluding to $1?
Legally the information is there right in front of you but the big flashy signs are created to direct your eye to the marketing gimmick and not to the actual cost.
Another is Country of origin.. A large sign above the pile of garlic mentions Australian Garlic but the small sign on the actual product states in small writing product of China.
Large scales have now been replaced with stream line digital scales often times placed out of eye line.
With large photos or banners drawing your attention elsewhere.
Again not illegal but certainly a premeditated decision to have consumers believe they are getting the bargain of the century.
What about loss leaders? 
Another tactic to get you to their store.
How much should a Hot Chook cost?
Recently at only $7.90 these marinated hot and ready to eat beauties ring in at far less than a chicken you have to actually marinade and cook yourself…. 
So for $7.90 we are lead to believe..
The Farmer who bred, fed and housed this chicken got a fair wage.
The transport from farm and processors got paid a fair wage.
More transport and now supermarket staff got paid a fair wage.
Oh and don’t forget the cost of cooking the chicken.
Now add some profit for the Supermarket…
My figures would have this chicken cost $20 but its only $7.90?
This is whats called a loss leader!!
It gets you into the shop.
You buy the hot chook because its a cheap meal.
They are selling it to you at a loss.
Hmmm hang on are they? A Billion Dollar company taking a loss on the chin?
Nope that chicken just got you in the door, be assured they are making that loss back 10 fold on those other items you didn’t intent on buying whilst in there getting your chook.
So where does that put us?
The truth is our produce is actually really good value!
We just don’t use the marketing tricks/cons of the big 2
I challenge you to do the numbers and see for yourself just how much your fresh produce is costing.
Then I invite you to look past the gimmicks and search out something so much better..
Better for your health
Better for your families health
Better for the environment
and surprisingly 
Better for your wallet!
If you are in the Ipswich Region join us and share in our farms weekly harvest!
Organic, Fresh and full of flavours you could only imagine for a fair price!
Farmer Mel
HillFields Farm