Get your bloody boots off!

Being one with nature is something we strive to achieve on the farm on a daily basis, but most days it feels like its us against nature. Whether its rain, heat, frost, bugs or weeds its far more of a shit fight than the romantic picture one has in their heads of tending to the earth and nurturing a seed to fruition.

The stress of farming is sometimes very overwhelming!

Relying solely on farm income and excepting that you as "custodians" of the earth are never more than that, we are not in control, Mother Nature is our boss and sometimes.... well she is a real bitch.

It is with this that we are often searching for ways to lower stress or to feel more grounded within our environment.

Sometimes it really is the small things that have the biggest effects. 

Often I'm instinctively driven to take off my Birkenstocks and get some dirt between my toes. Its never apparent at the time that it is having any effect on me but when you look into the research on Grounding its really no surprise that whenever i look back on those shoeless memories they are full of fun, laughter and all in all happiness.

Get your bloody boots off!! Is something i find myself saying to Dan on such a regular basis. He is a Boiler Maker by trade and a stickler for safety. Yer .... he is the bloke on a job site quoting the WHS officer. Now look i agree safety is key and is an important thing to instill on our farm but get some dirt between your toes my dear! you will feel better for it!

Whether its pseudoscience or a breakthrough in health we as a society so desperately need. I say to you all.... give a try! Wiggle those lil toes in some dirt, run along the beach in the sand, squish in some mud. I promise you will feel better for it and have a great time doing it!!