"From our Family Farm to your Family Table"

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Welcome to HillFields Farm!

Organic Produce grown just for you and your family.....

Our family farm grows an abundance of the tastiest, freshest, organic produce, available in the Ipswich Region just for you!
Collect straight from our farm or delivered right to your door.

* Commitment free cancel at any time!

* Weekly or Fortnightly

* 10-12 varieties ~ serves 4

* Know the people that feed you

* Zero food miles when collected from farm

* Home Delivered throughout the Ipswich Region

* Enjoy exceptional quality and friendly service 

Organically Grown...

Our families health and the health of our customers is important to us.

Growing Organically is a labour of love...  A love for the earth, a love for our generation and all generations to come. 

As a member of our farm you can be assured your family are eating clean chemical free produce. 

A "Community" nourishing our bodies and nourishing our souls..  

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"Local, Small Scale Farming at it's finest"

Organic Farm Produce Box

"Thoroughly enjoying my produce from Hillfields Farm.
Gorgeous produce every single week. Fabulous friendly farmers. The highlight of my week"

Rachel Ballard

"I love it when buying food is not just a transaction, it's an opportunity for connection. This is what you get with Hillfields Farm, along with ridiculously fresh produce and an opportunity to learn more about the ups and downs of modern organic farming challenges and opportunities.

And did I mention the produce tastes great too? Just a minor detail!"

Cally Jackson

"We have been super happy with all the produce we have received. My husband was particularly impressed with the flavours the produce has and our 2 year old eats the tomatoes whole."

Sara Feint

"Mel and Dan are great and the produce is awesome!"

Shay Chalmers

"These guys are great! Wonderfully fresh produce at a reasonable price. I love being able to go there on Saturdays and pick up my veggies and buy my milk/yoghurt/cheese for the week. Thank you Dan and Mel for running such a great business in our local community!"

Kathryn Barke

Farm Pick Up

88 Hills Road
Sunday, 10am - 1pm

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